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Features the behaviors of rats, bats and the 29 species of xenarthrans, an ancient line of mammals comprised of sloths, anteaters, and armadillos. More 
Examines the various individual-level and institutional responses to Earth's damaged natural resources, discussing ways to stem the tide of disappearing species and habitats and examining potential methods of protecting the... More 
Examines the rhetorical tools and literary styles that have helped reinvent the art and study of storytelling over time. More 
Examines the diversity of the primate species, including the long history of human beings, from our earliest ancestors, the australopiths, to the homo sapiens of today. More 
This book covers the traditions, social organizations, languages, and ideas that shaped ancient Mesoamerican civilizations. The intellectual and cultural achievements of Pre-Columbian America rivaled those of ancient Rome and Egypt... More 
Examines the influence industry and the modern world is having on the environment, from toxic chemicals to deforestation, these issues have a major impact on the Earth and its inhabitants. More 
Describes many of the most potent elements of language, beyond the realm of prose, and invoke the power of cadence, lyricism, and drama to recount all aspects of the human condition. More 
This book provides detailed diagrams outlining the structure of continental and oceanic crust and the distribution of major plate motion to introduce readers to the range of activity that can shape or decimate an entire region.... More 
Presents information on the life cycle, cellular structure, diversity, cultivation, production, and species of fungi, algea, and plants, using illustrations and photographs. More 
Covers interesting features about Earth, examining extremes around the globe such as hot and cold spots, as well as the strange and remote places that a diverse planet offers. More 


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