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Provides background information on the history, geography, and people of Ireland; describes the major sights, and suggests hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and outdoor activities. More 
Covers numerous topics in management theories and applications, such as aggregate planning, benchmarking, logistics, diversification strategy, non-traditional work arrangements, performance measurement, productivity measures,... More 
Covers the relationship between human activity and global climate change, in addition to factors that contribute to global warming and how Earth's atmosphere is affected. More 
Utilizes expertly written reports to present the trends, events and people that shaped and impacted the year 2010, including technology innovations, a statistical snapshot of the world's countries, and other critical global... More 
Provides an introduction to the titans of the technology industry, including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg. More 
Examines biotechnology and related subjects in the context of science, government, politics, culture and society, and the environment. It also covers historical, political and ethical debates and issues. More 
Provides background information on the Lake District; describes the culture and history, and recommends hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and outdoor activities. More 
Examines various features of volcanoes and earthquakes - including the study of damage prevention from these natural phenomena - with detailed illustrations and photographs. More 
Provides a background of China's culture, recent history, and people in order to analyze the modern economic giant's legacy and future. More 
Covers the history of Russia from 1917 to modern day, examining the arts, cities, culture, and religion of the vast nation. More 


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