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This 3-vol. set presents the social and cultural history of childhood from antiquity to the present. Children and Childhood examines this history through articles on education, parenting, child labor, economics, images of childhood... More 
Written by: Christopher A. Kearney Published by: Oxford University Press USA, 2007 Many parents find getting their child to school in the morning to be quite a challenge. If your child consistently pleads with you... More 
Written by: Caroline J. Blakemore and Barbara Weston Ramirez Reading to one's baby is not only a pleasure - extensive research has proven that a baby's daily exposure to a large number of different words can... More 
Written by: Marion blank, Phd. Published by: Wiley, 2006  It’s shocking but true. Forty percent of children experience significant difficulty in learning how to read. But it doesn’t have to be that... More 
Written By: Lavin, Arthur; Glaser, SusanPublished By: Wiley,... More 
Your definitive guide for helping your speech-impaired child--cowritten by two in-the-trenches experts When a child has communication problems-- diagnosed or not--parents are first looking for a place to go for help... More 


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