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Physical Sciences

Covers the various structures and elements of different types of matter, while examining the physical and chemical properties that allow for permutation and change. More 
Articles explore everything from Albert Einstein, seismic energy, and acid rain, to lasers and building design. The Encyclopedia supports the curriculum in earth science, chemistry and life sciences, social studies, political... More 
Ron S. -

Today in History with a Twist

End of an Ancient Empire!      Ethiopian Emperor, 'Messiah' of the Rastafari movement, Haile Selassie's 58 year reign came to an end today (1974) when a military coup by the Derg (short... More 
Discusses energy and its sources, manifestations, and uses. More 
Examines the unseen force of energy, both potential and kinetic, and how this force is a vital part in the area of physics. More 
Covers the many aspects that relate to electricity, from circuits, lightning and generators, as well as how we utilize this physical power in our lives. More 
ThomasM -

Math & Science, Mangafied

Comics are an attractive means of instruction. For example, Will Eisner created comics for the US Army during World War II and the Korean War. His illustrations demonstrated maintenance techniques... More 


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