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For over 47 years, The New York Review of Books has been the place where the world's leading authors, scientists, educators, artists, and political leaders turn when they wish to engage in a spirited debate on literature,... More 
Provides a comprehensive and objective overview of the people, events, and documents that are key to understanding the complex relationships of the countries and cultures of the Middle East. More 
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Something New: November 5, 2013

Check out this week's newest hardcover fiction and nonfiction releases. For fiction readers, Amy Tan is out with her first novel in eight years, The Valley of Amazement, which... More 
Chronicles the major events in Iraqi history and the traditions, customs, and ideas that have shaped its trajectory since the Arab conquests. More 
Covers the geographical, cultural, political, and historical elements of this often turbulent country. More 
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Something New: October 22, 2013

Check out the newest hardcover fiction and nonfiction arrivals here at Richland Library. Happy Reading! More 
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Today in History with a Twist: October 15, 2013

They Didn't Want Cake! 1793 - Queen Marie-Antoinette of France is tried and convicted in a swift, pre-determined trial in the Palais de Justice, Paris, and condemned to death the following... More 
A cross-disciplinary source for a single, consistent reference to document and analyze periods of contemporary American social history. Covers the first decade of the 21st Century and includes key events and social history. More 
The Sixties in America Reference Library presents a broad overview of the turbulent 1960s, a decade that forever changed the American social, political and cultural landscape. More 
Examines the emergence of the environmental movement and the basic principles of environmental law. More 


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