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This book investigates the important battles, speeches, and key players of this inspiring upsurge that ended in the creation of a new nation. More 
Contains articles that explore different formats of art, from visual to performing, as well as brief biographies of influential artists from the past and present. More 
Examines easily recognizable shapes and their names using everyday items as examples. Includes activities to reinforce the theme. More 
Contains articles about science and nature that detail natural phenomena, rocks and minerals, energy and atoms, and biographies of famous scientists. More 
Examines various aspects of rocks and minerals - including formation, classes, uses, and the earth's crust - with detailed illustrations and photographs. More 
The general properties of rock as well as the three major categories of rock--igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic--are all examined. More 
Profiles many of the world's most well-known rivers and how they provide sustenance for those populations that depend of the travel, food, and fresh water these bodies of water provide. More 
Illustrations and photos assist in a detailed exploration of reptiles and dinosaurs, including the skeletal structure, adaptive features, habitats, and relationship with humans. More 
Details the physical characteristics, as well as the breeding and feeding behaviors, of both reptiles and amphibians. More 
Examines the possibility of a cleaner and more energy efficient future by detailing the historic and emerging technologies behind some the most promising alternative resources. More 


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