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Covers the role and duties of the executive in the office of President, describing how those duties have changed and evolved throughout the history of the United States. More 
Uses color illustrations to examine the impact of pollution, global warming, and climate change is having on the humans, plants, and animals that reside on Earth. More 
Examines the endocrine system, which consists of hormone-secreting glands, that are of great importance to the functioning of the human body, including reproductive activity. More 
The book contains a wealth of information complemented by beautiful photographs to draw readers into the history of the development of this powerful continent. More 
Examines all the vital components involved in consuming and digesting food as well as the diseases and disorders that can plague this frequently overlooked area of the human body. More 
Examines the tapestry of major events and beliefs that imbue everyday Indian life with vitality, and presents the remarkable achievements in writing and the arts that have influenced individuals throughout the world. More 
Examines the sights, sounds, and tastes that have been developed and refined in China for centuries. More 
Examines the structure and function of each of these fascinating elements and the interrelationships between them, which nurture all existence. More 
Covers the variety of wheeled transports that have been instrumental in the development of society regarding agriculture, commerce and transportation, including wagons, cars, buses, and bicycles. More 
Examines the evolution of different types of water vehicles such as boats, warships, and cruise liners throughout history as well as support structures for these vehicles. More 


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