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Examines the various branches of the geological sciences, as well as the methods and instruments used by geologists to obtain accurate records of the planet's geological history. More 
This book helps unlock the mysteries of prehistory by considering available geologic evidence while providing a deep dive into the finesses of geochronology. More 
Selections include short stories, plays, essays, scientific papers, speeches, and letters. Each selection represents a primary, original, and fundamental contribution to ones understanding of the universe and themselves, and... More 
Details the development of electronic gaming and examines some of the most popular games of all time. More 
Outlines the history and rules of American football and chronicles the rise of some of its greatest players. More 
Examines food in relationship to nutrition, world health issues, agriculture, environmental concerns, current events and political decision-making. More 
Uses photographs and illustrations to explain characteristics of fish and marine life, along with species diversity, amphibians, and people's relationship with aquatic life. More 


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