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Chantal W. -

New York Times Bestsellers at Richland Library, May 26, 2013

Looking for an exciting new read? Why not check out some of these hot titles from the May 26 edition of the New York Times Bestsellers list? For links to these items in Richland Library's... More 
Chantal W. -

Read All About It! Books in the News II

Here are some books that appeared on various news shows in the last few weeks. If you are an avid reader of Garden and Gun and enjoy stories about good food and drink then you will... More 
Sarah G. -

Tech Tools for Dyslexia

There are many apps, websites, and other technological tools available to help both children and adults improve their reading, writing, and spelling skills. Here are just a few of the best iPad/... More 
Sarah G. -
What do Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Whoopi Goldberg, Pablo Picasso, Muhammad Ali, George Washington, Richard Branson and Cher all have in common? Dyslexia. Dyslexia is the most common learning difference, affecting 1 in 5 kids, yet it is the most publicly misunderstood. Join us at the Nickelodeon... More 
Chantal W. -
The Vista Book Group’s January discussion was on Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84. 1Q84, originally published in Japan as three separate books, was translated to English and released internationally as one lengthy book (925 pages). But don’t let the size of the book scare you off, because if... More 
Ashley W. -

The 2013 Caldecott Awards

…And the Winner is… Which book would you choose for the Caldecott Medal? With thousands of books to choose from, this year's 15 Caldecott Award Selection... More 
Leslie T. -

Rare Words Are Key for Child’s Success in Reading

What are rare words, where can you find them, and why do they matter? Rare words are those beyond the 10,000 words known as our Common Lexicon used in most daily conversation with each... More 
Laura R. -
I remember when my son was younger. While looking at the cereal box during breakfast, he put his head in his hands and sighed, “I wish I could read what this says!” He wanted so badly to read, but he could not seem to remember his letters and sounds from day to day. About twenty percent of our children will have... More 
Written by: Caroline J. Blakemore and Barbara Weston Ramirez Reading to one's baby is not only a pleasure - extensive research has proven that a baby's daily exposure to a large number of different words can... More 


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