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Hey Kids, Let's Plant a Tree!

The sights and sounds of spring are in the air, and it is the perfect time to think about improving the world around us by planting a tree. Share the following stories with your family to teach everyone how important trees can be.

Gert is a dirt lover. She even eats it! But no one could predict how far this child's need for dirt will take her in Dirty Gert by Ted Arnold, the author of the popular Fly Guy series.

When Caroline saves a wildflower in her family's new, suburban lawn from the mower, she begins to notice both the beauty of and the necessity for natural habitats for the local wildlife. To become inspired yourself, read On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole.

Everyone benefits from trees! Take a look at Diane Muldrow's poetic We Planted a Tree to learn why.

Young Emmy learns the necessity of patience when she requests a mimosa tree for her birthday in A Tree for Emmy by Mary Ann Rodman.

And finally, The Mangrove Tree by Susan Roth and Cindy Trumbore tells us the true story of how the efforts of Dr. Gordon Sato have helped the citizens of Hargigo, Eritria improve the quality of life for everyone in their town by planting mangrove trees in the salty water at the edge of the Red Sea.


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