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Dislexia nens - from Wikimedia Commons

Tech Tools for Dyslexia

There are many apps, websites, and other technological tools available to help both children and adults improve their reading, writing, and spelling skills. Here are just a few of the best iPad/iPhone apps that are especially good for children who are struggling with dyslexia.



  • A1 Spelling - Helps struggling spellers learn the correct spelling of common words by voicing the words aloud, using repetition, and accompanying the words with pictures.
  • abc PocketPhonics - Aimed at kids 3-6, this app teaches letter sounds, letter writing, and first words.
  • ACT Spell - Developed specifically for special needs learners, this app helps develop the motor, visual, and neurological skills that relate to reading.
  • American Wordspeller - A dictionary allowing users to find word spellings and meanings by searching phonetically, i.e. "kwik" will find "quick."
  • Blio - An e-reader with special features to help struggling readers make sense of words.
  • Bob Books - Phonics-based interactive games help kids make connections between letters and sounds.
  • Dyslexic Like Me - An interactive children's book featuring multi-sensory learning techniques to help overcome dyslexia.
  • iWriteWords - Helps children learn to write their letters. Named by The Washington Post as one of the best apps for special needs kids.
  • Sound Literacy - Designed by teachers, this customizable app teaches phonemic awareness and aligns with the Orton-Gillingham curriculum.


And when you're not on a mobile device, openWeb is a free dyslexia-friendly web browser featuring the easy-to-read OpenDyslexic font, less contrast between colors to prevent glare, and bolder symbols to help better detect sentences.

For a more extensive list of helpful apps and other tech tools, follow the links listed in Additional Resources.