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Great Events from History: the 19th Century

Continuing the series Great Events from History, these volumes cover the world's most important events and developments from 1801 through 1900. Essays address important social and cultural developments in daily life: major literary movements, significant developments in art and music, trends in immigration, and progressive social legislation. Among the many broad subjects that receive extensive coverage are Europe's changing political divisions and shifting alliances, the struggles to end slavery and extend full citizenship to African Americans in the United States, the steady expansion of democracy in the Western world, the liberation of Latin America from European rule, the exploration of Africa, and the expansion of European imperialism in Africa and Asia.

Particular attention has been given to expanding coverage of Canada, Africa, Latin America, and Asia. While the emphasis of the set is on political and military events that transformed whole nations and continents, the range of subject matter is impressively diverse. Considerable space is given to important events in the arts, sciences, business, and technology.

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