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Careers in Communications & Media

Careers in Communications & Media covers broad range of jobs within the industry, from the traditional and long-established fields of adverting and journalism to the in-demand and cutting-edge fields of software development, web design, and animation. This excellent reference also presents possible career paths and occupations within high-growth and emerging fields. Included are projections from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and median annual salaries or wages for those occupation profiles. Each chapter also notes those skills that can be applied across broad occupation categories. Interesting enhancements, like Fun Facts, Famous Firsts and dozens of photos add depth to the discussion. A highlight of each chapter is "Conversation With", a two-page interview with a professional working in a related job. The respondents share their personal career paths, detail potential for career advancement, offer advice for students, and include a “try this” for those interested in embarking on a career in their profession.

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