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Critical Insights: F. Scott Fitzgerald

The hard-partying, insouciant twenty-something whose first novel spoke for a generation; the preternaturally gifted writer who struggled to master his talent; the dissolute alcoholic who watched the world pass him by before dying in obscurity-the faces of F. Scott Fitzgerald have fascinated readers for more than three quarters of a century. First bursting into the American consciousness with the evanescently lyrical This Side of Paradise, Fitzgerald seemed to have a charmed life. Overnight, he became wealthy, married the girl of his dreams, and set about living the sort of beautiful, stylish life most of us only dream of. But in time the grandeur faded, as it does from the lives of his best characters, in a haze of parties, marital discord, and squandered youth and potential.

This volume in the Critical Insights series collects a variety of old and new essays on Fitzgerald and continues the work of rehabilitating his reputation and reexamining his work. Topics include Fitzgerald's complex attitudes toward wealth and privilege and how the author deftly wove the themes of work-wealth, success, love, youth, and tragedy which endure in American consciousness, as well as examinations of his individual works.

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