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Critical Insights: Great Expectations

A great starting point for students or casual readers looking for a introduction to the themes and discussions on Charles Dickens' novel, Great Expectations.

Great Expectations, one of Dickens's finest novels in terms of writing and construction, tells the story of young Pip as he grows up from being a poor and abused orphan to being a man of means. Pip's struggles with class consciousness, wealth, and education have provided critics with ample material for discussion and consideration. Great Expectations remains one of Dickens's most read novels and continues to generate interest among literary critics. Edited by Eugene Goodheart, Edytha Macy Professor of Humanities Emeritus at Brandeis University, this volume of critical approaches brings together a lively and diverse selection of essays. Of primary concern to a number of the essays reprinted in this volume is the moral character of the protagonist, Pip.

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