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Financial Literacy

Money, money, money. Earning it, spending it, saving it and investing it are all topics covered in the Financial Literacy resource. Smart money management is a skill that can be learned and the information and activities here are designed to help teens learn everything they need to know about money. Beyond personal financial skills Financial Literacy informs and inspires learners about key economics and financial topics including entrepreneurship and career skills; the role of government in financial and economic policy; trade and global economy; and market economy.

You may be thinking about buying a car for the first time or wondering what goes into buying a house. You can find answers and interactive activities to help you calculate your different options. You may simply want to learn more about the recent "Great Recession" and the impact it has had on ordinary people and their financial well being. You may want to assess the cost of going to college or chart a plan for your retirement. It's all here and more.

Financial Literacy is designed especially for young people in grades 7 to 12 but adults will find that the clear design, excellent content and easy to use calculators make this a very useful resource for all ages.

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