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Forties in America

Every decade in the 20th century is closely identified with at least one landmark event or major turning point. During the 1940's that key event was World War II. World War II not only fully preoccupied the United States and Canada through nearly half the decade; it also left both nations and virtually the entire world fundamentally changed. No other twentieth century event had a transformational impact on its decade as great as that of World War II on the 1940's. However, while, The Forties in America, devotes a great deal of space to the war, it does not do so at the cost of neglecting other subjects. Subjects of the 654 essays include political and military leaders, athletes, entertainment figures, films, books, radio and television shows, plays, events, fads, products, technology, and overviews of such broad issues as agriculture, business, communications, demographics, education, housing, literature, radio, religion, race relations, politics, science, and the arts.

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