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Genetics & Inherited Conditions

Salem Health: Genetics and Inherited Conditions alphabetically arranges 459 essays on diseases, biology, techniques, methodologies, genetic engineering, biotechnology, ethics, and social issues. Written for nonspecialists by professors and professional medical writers, this comprehensive reference publication will interest health-care consumers, premedical students, public library patrons, and librarians building scientific collections. Designed for the general reader, Salem Health: Genetics and Inherited Conditions is a revised and expanded version of Salem's award-winning Encyclopedia of Genetics, published in 2004. It adds 237 topics new to the encyclopedia, many of them diseases and conditions that are known to be genetic in origin to some degree. In addition, two entries from the last edition were replaced and 79 were heavily revised by experts to bring them up to date. All other previously published entries were reedited and their bibliographies updated with the latest sources. All appendixes were updated by science experts.

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