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Great Events from History: The Ancient World, Prehistory-476 c.e.

Covers prehistoic cultural development to the fall of Rome in 476 C.E. Subject matter includes discrete events such as battles or deaths as well as less definite events such as the rise and fall of cultures and civilizations in the ancient world. Events covered include c. 13,000 B.C.E., Humans Enter the South American Continent; c. 1000-c. 200 B.C.E., Compilation of the Upanishads; c. 500 B.C.E., Acupuncture Develops in China; 447-438 B.C.E., Building of the Parthenon; c. 200 B.C.E.-c. 500 C.E., Hopewell People Construct Earthworks; 64-67 C.E., Nero Persecutes the Christians; 413-425 C.E., Saint Augustine Writes the City of God.

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