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Great Lives from History: the Nineteenth Century

Both the geographic and the occupational scope of the individuals covered inGreat Lives from History: The Nineteenth Century,1801-1900 are intentionally broad, with a view to including influential individuals worldwide. Major world leaders appear here, as well as the giants of religious faith who dominated the century: monarchs, presidents, popes, philosophers, writers, social reformers, educators, and military leaders who left their imprint on political as well as spiritual institutions. The set also includes figures who have received little attention in the past, from American educator and science writer Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz to Chinese statesman and military leader Zeng Guofan. By category, the contents include figures whose achievements fall into one or more of the following areas: agriculture essays, architecture, art, astronomy, biology, business, chemistry, church government, communications, crime, diplomacy, economics, education, engineering, entertainment, exploration, geography, geology, government and politics, historiography, journalism, law, linguistics, literature, mathematics, medicine, military, music, patronage of the arts, philanthropy, philosophy, photography, physics, psychology, religion and theology, scholarship, science and technology, social reform, sociology, sports, theater, warfare and conquest, and women's rights.

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