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Middle Ages: 477-1453

The current two volumes of The Middle Ages, 477-1443 add 199 new essays to the original 123, for a total of more than 322 events. The date 477 was selected because it follows The Ancient World's end date, 476 (the fall of Rome), and 1453 was selected because it is the year in which several important developments--notably the proliferation of documents issuing from the newly invented printing press, the end of the Hundred Years' War, and the fall of Constantinople--draw a dividing line between the late Middle Ages and the early modern world. Within this period, the events are arranged strictly chronologically, essentially forming a time line without regard to region. Hence, students can trace world history comparatively, with events in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas comingled. To facilitate location of time periods within the publication, right-hand pages contain date-range tabs.

Rounding out the set are eleven maps depicting portions of the medieval world, grouped together in the front of each volume for easy reference. Accompanying the essays are 66 additional sidebars--regnal tables, lists, and quotations from primary source documents along with more than 200 illustrations--renderingss of artworks, battles, busts, sculptures, coins, paintings, and drawings. Finally, we have included several research aids as appendices: a bibliography, glossary, chronological list of entries, time line, and Web sites devoted to medieval studies.

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