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Nineties in America

Part of the Salem History collection. The Gulf War, dot-coms, impeachment, grunge, Y2K--the 1990s were a time of both optimism and conflict, hope and worry. The decade began with a seemingly victorious war, fell into recession, bounced back with a strong bull market, and ended in political bitterness and scandal. The Nineties in America examines the iconic personalities and moments of this important decade. With articles about films, books, political leaders, events, fads, and technology, the encyclopedia serves as a valuable source of reliable information and keen insights for today's students. Volume 3 contains sixteen appendixes that provide additional information about selected aspects of the decade in easily accessible formats: five entertainment, two literature, two music, one sports, and two legislative appendixes, a glossary of new words and slang, and a detailed time line.

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