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Great Events from History: Renaissance & Early Modern Era, 1454-1600

Great Events from History: The Renaissance & Early Modern Era, 1454-1600 is the third installment in the ongoing Great Events from History series. The beginning date of 1454 was selected because it immediately follows the end of the Hundred Years' War and the Fall of Constantinople. The following century and a half was marked by the height of the Renaissance in Europe; the rise of the Ottomans; the Wars of the Roses in Britain; European colonial expansion into Africa, Asia, and the Americas; the unification of Japan; the rise of both indigenous and colonial trade empires in Africa; and major changes in world economics and demographics.

A section of historical maps appears in the front matter of both volumes, displaying regions of the Renaissance world for easy reference. Accompanying the essays are sidebars--quotations from primary source documents--as well as 30 additional maps and more than 175 illustrations: renderings of artworks, battles, buildings, busts, sculptures, people, and other icons of the period.

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