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Scholastic Parent & Child (Info | Start here)
Parent & Child Magazine is a valued resource for parents from Scholastic, one of America’s most trusted family publishers.
Science and Its times (Info | Start Now)
The histories of science, technology, and mathematics merge with the study of humanities and social science in this interdisciplinary reference work.
Science and Nature (Info | Start here)
Contains articles about science and nature that detail natural phenomena, rocks and minerals, energy and atoms, and biographies of famous scientists.
Science in Context (Info | Start Now)
Science in Context is an in-depth, curriculum-oriented science database that provides a one-stop resource for all science-related research needs.
Science of Physics (Info | Start here)
This volume examines historical developments in the field of physics as well as surveys the various topics integrated with the subject such as thermodynamics and mechanics.
Science of War: Strategies, Tactics, and Logistics (Info | Start here)
Examines how the tactics and strategies of war have evolved from ancient battles to the sophisticated weapons of today's warfare.
Science Reference Center (Info | Start Now)
Designed to meet every student's science research needs, Science Reference Center contains full text for hundreds of science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals and other sources.
Scotland (Info | Start here)
Provides background information on Scotland; describes the major sights, and suggests hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and outdoor activities.
Scrapbook Creations (Info | Start here)
Scrapbook Creations is Australia’s most comprehensive scrapbooking publication. With this magazine learn different paper craft techniques, with our regular section on stamping and card making.
Scuba Diving (Info | Start here)
Trusted for gear reviews, cutting-edge training information, underwater photo & video tips, travel information, and much more.