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Shapes (Info | Start here)
Examines easily recognizable shapes and their names using everyday items as examples. Includes activities to reinforce the theme.
Shaping of America, 1783-1815 Reference Library (Info | Start Now)
This collection chronicles and illustrates the important period between 1783-1815 when America forged its place at home and on the international stage.
Short Stories for Students (Info | Start here)
Provides critical overviews of short stories from all cultures and time periods. Includes discussions of plot, characters, themes and structure as well as the story's cultural and historical significance.
Shortcut Cooking (Info | Start here)
Packed with ideas and techniques for quick, easy and fresh food. Cook once, eat twisce, using your crockpot, plan ahead to shop once for two weeks worth of meals. With 132 recipes, your family will be fed well. Single issue.
Shutterbug (Info | Start here)
Shutterbug is the leading photo and imaging magazine for advanced amateur and professional photographers, and all who relate to their photography as a meaningful part of their lives.
Sicily (Info | Start here)
A travel guidebook to Sicily. Recommends accommodations, restaurants and attractions for various budgets.
Sierra (Info | Start here)
SIERRA, the magazine of the Sierra Club, offers recreation and adventure travel features that emphasize respect for the earth.
Singing and Communicating in English: A Singer's Guide to English Diction (Info | Start Now)
Written by: Kathryn LeBouff Published by: Oxford University Press USA, 2007
Sixties in America (Info | Start Now)
Part of the Salem History collection. Salem Press's three-volume set, The Sixties in America, surveys the events and people of the 1960's, a turbulent decade that had a profound and lasting effect on the life and culture of the United States.
Sixties in America Reference Library (Info | Start here)
The Sixties in America Reference Library presents a broad overview of the turbulent 1960s, a decade that forever changed the American social, political and cultural landscape.