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Best of Step by Step Beads (Info | Start here)
Add a little more thrill with 41 of our most popular projects, featured in this special single issue! Now you can learn beadwork step by step with 13 bead-by-bead tutorials designed to help you perfect your skills.
Bicycle Times (Info | Start here)
Bicycle Times is all about fun. Commuting, exploring, touring, transporting, it’s all good. There’s city rides to be done, and country rides too, all presented with an informative, no-attitude style, on the web and in the print magazine. Bicycle Times, for your everyday cycling adventure! Available issues: November 2012 to present. Published bi-monthly.
Bicycling (Info | Start here)
Since 1962, BICYCLING has been inspiring people to get more out of their cycling passion. Each action-packed issue is filled with proven secrets to go faster, stronger, longer. Increase your stamina; buy the best gear for your money; locate a great ride; improve your performance; perfect your technique; fuel your passion. Available issues: Jan/Feb 2013 to present. Published 11 times a year.
Bike (Info | Start here)
Bike Magazine showcases the sport of mountain biking like no other publication. It captures the sport's personalities, trends, and issues with a style all its own.
Billboard Magazine (Info | Start here)
Written for music industry professionals and fans. Contents provide news, reviews and statistics for all genres of music, including radio play, music video, related internet activity and retail updates.
Biography and Genealogy Master Index (Info | Start Now)
Biography and Genealogy Master Index enables users to locate biographical entries contained in more than 1,000 volumes and editions of important current and retrospective biographical reference sources.
Biography in Context (Info | Go to Biography in Context  )
Students in 6-12 grade, college and beyond can find biographies on more than 340,00 in Biography in Context.  
Biology (Info | Start Now)
Explains biological concepts and explores related fields as well as the history of biological science. Discusses critical issues such as embryogenesis and commercial applications of research in biology and addresses ethical issues.
Biomes and Ecosystems (Info | Start here)
Examines the animals and plants from the many diverse biomes and ecosystems found on the planet, along with influential factors on these terrains such as evolution.
Biotechnology: Changing Life Through Science (Info | Start Now)
Covers biotechnological applications ranging across medicine, agriculture, and industry.