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Encyclopedia of Global Resources (Info | Start Now)
Part of the Salem science collection, the Encyclopedia of Global Resources surveys more than 200 natural resources, along with major producers and technologies, in this comprehensive, four-volume set.
Encyclopedia of Global Warming (Info | Start Now)
Part of the Salem Science collection. The topic of global warming has become a major issue over the past few years. More and more, people are learning about environmental sciences and the possible planetary effects of our everyday actions.
Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World (Info | Start Now)
This encyclopedia looks at Islam's role in the modern world, doing so in the context of the religion's history and development over the last 13 centuries.
Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Strategies, Vol. 3 (Info | Start here)
A continuation of Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns (1999 and 2007), this new volume expands its international coverage through its 100 essays covering some of the top global and emerging brands that appeared from 2010 to 2013.
Encyclopedia of Management (Info | Start here)
Covers numerous topics in management theories and applications, such as aggregate planning, benchmarking, logistics, diversification strategy, non-traditional work arrangements, performance measurement, productivity measures, supply chain manageme
Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2nd ed. (Info | Start Now)
English-language reference source for philosophy," has been the cornerstone of the philosophy reference shelf.
Encyclopedia of Population (Info | Start Now)
Provides coverage of demographic topics both in the core field and in neighboring disciplines. Encompasses the large-scale changes in emphasis and research directions in population studies during the last 20 years.
Encyclopedia of Public Health (Info | Start Now)
Aimed at the nonspecialist reader interested in health and medicinal issues, the Encyclopedia examines a broad range of topics such as environmental health, drug abuse, epidemiology, nutrition, demographics and diseases.
Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics (Info | Start Now)
This Encyclopedia considers both the professional ethics of science and technology, and the ethical and political issues raised by science and technology in an increasingly complex and global society.
Encyclopedia of Small Business, 3rd ed. (Info | Go to The Encyclopedia of Small Business  )
This convenient and exhaustive print reference source is designed to provide entrepreneurs with how-to information that they can apply to their own business.