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Interweave Knits (Info | Start here)
From cover to cover, Interweave Knits magazine gives you great projects, from the beginner to the advanced.
Invertebrates (Info | Start here)
Uses illustrations and detailed photographs to examine the diverse category of creatures known as invertebrates, and how they have evolved from being the first form of life on earth.
Investigating Earth's Desert, Grassland, and Rainforest Biomes (Info | Start here)
Covers the various biomes found spread across the globe, from rainforests to desserts, along with the animals and vegetation that live within them.
Investigating Earth's Oceans (Info | Start here)
Describes the features and properties of the bodies of water that make up 70 percent of the world's surface. Examines the various branches of oceanography dedicated to studying all aspects of the ocean and its life forms.
Investigating Earth's Polar Biomes (Info | Start here)
Covers the life forms and environmental conditions found in the Antarctic and Arctic territories, where extreme cold temperatures make it difficult, but not impossible to survive.
Investigating Earth's Weather (Info | Start here)
Examines how weather affects how we interact with out surroundings as well as provides an informative exploration into different weather conditions and forecasting.
Investigating Minerals, Rocks, and Fossils (Info | Start here)
Examines how fossils, minerals and rocks are an integral part of Earth's history and how they continue to be of importance to our world today
Investigating Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes (Info | Start here)
Details the motion of the planet and the nature and study of both earthquakes and volcanoes.
Investigating the Global Climate (Info | Start here)
Examines the classification systems that have been developed to comprehend the different types of climatic activity and the incredible range of effects it can have on the planet.
Investigating the History of Earth (Info | Start here)
Examines the prehistoric organisms, from bacteria to dinosaurs, that populated the planet long before humans arrived.