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Literary Reference Center (Info | Go to Literary Reference Center  )
Literary Reference Center™ is a comprehensive database that provides users with a broad spectrum of information on thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines and timeframes.
Literary Themes for Students: Race and Prejudice (Info | Start Now)
Works included represent a wide range of circumstances in which individuals experience prejudice in American, British and world literature.
Literary Themes for Students: the American Dream (Info | Start Now)
Provides readers with an overview of literary works that explore the theme of the American dream.
Literary Themes for Students: War and Peace (Info | Start Now)
Presents a myriad of viewpoints, so that modern readers can begin to grasp the complexities of war and its impact.
Literature Criticism Online (Info | Go to Literature Criticism Online  )
Contemporary Literary Criticism, Twentieth Century Literary Criticism, Poetry Criticism and Shakespearean Criticism have been brought together online under a single searchable interface from Gale publishing.
Literature of Autobiographical Narrative (Info | Start here)
This collection examines works that chronicle a life or are compiled from narrated memories.
Literature of Propaganda (Info | Start here)
Contains 300 entries that explore literary works that deal with propaganda. The set includes a wide variety of genres and has an international scope.
Literature of Spain and Latin America (Info | Start here)
Examines the vibrant prose and dynamic range of both Spanish and Latin American authors, whose narratives are informed as much by their imaginations as the turbulent histories of these native lands.
Literature of War (Info | Start here)
Provides historical, cultural and social context of works that focus on armed conflict throughout the world and time. It highlights the realities of war, its impact on society, and how it affects our understanding of it.
Literature Resource Center (Info | Go to Literature Resource Center  )
Contains author biographies, literary criticism, bibliographies, Internet sites, genre searches, reference book entries (such as literary dictionaries) and more. This is a good site to begin a literary search.