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Poetry and Drama: Literary Terms and Concepts (Info | Start here)
Describes many of the most potent elements of language, beyond the realm of prose, and invoke the power of cadence, lyricism, and drama to recount all aspects of the human condition.
Poetry for Students (Info | Start here)
Features discussion and analysis of poems of all time periods, nations, and cultures. Provides an overview of the poem and discussion of its principal themes, images, form and construction.
Poets & Writers Magazine (Info | Start here)
For more than twenty years, Poets & Writers Magazine has been a trusted companion to writers who take their vocation seriously.
Points of View Reference Center (Info | Start Now)
Points of View Reference Center contains a balance of materials from all viewpoints, including more than 1,300 main essays, leading political magazines from both sides of the aisle, newspapers, radio & TV news transcripts, primary sou
Poisoning Planet Earth: Pollution and Other Environmental Hazards (Info | Start here)
Examines the influence industry and the modern world is having on the environment, from toxic chemicals to deforestation, these issues have a major impact on the Earth and its inhabitants.
Poland (Info | Start here)
Provides background information on Poland; describes the major sights, and suggests hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and outdoor activities.
Politics of Saving the Environment (Info | Start here)
Examines the emergence of the environmental movement and the basic principles of environmental law.
Popular Hot Rodding (Info | Start here)
Popular Hot Rodding delivers American-made performance cars at their best with restoration and tuning secrets, technical articles, product reviews, news and events. Available issues: January 2013 to present.
Popular Mechanics (Info | Start here)
Popular Mechanics helps the reader master the modern world, presenting trusted information about home, car, technology and the world around us.
Popular Photography (Info | Start here)
Popular Photography brings you step-by-step secrets of the pros for taking their most amazing shots.