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Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students (Info | Start Now)
A survey of the Renaissance-era topics most studied in high school world history, art literature, economics and science curriculum.
Renewable and Alternative Energy (Info | Start here)
Examines the possibility of a cleaner and more energy efficient future by detailing the historic and emerging technologies behind some the most promising alternative resources.
Reproductive System (Info | Start here)
This comprehensive narrative details both the biological process of procreation and the often divisive debates on how best to approach matters related to the human body.
Reptiles and Amphibians (Info | Start here)
Details the physical characteristics, as well as the breeding and feeding behaviors, of both reptiles and amphibians.
Reptiles and Dinosaurs (Info | Start here)
Illustrations and photos assist in a detailed exploration of reptiles and dinosaurs, including the skeletal structure, adaptive features, habitats, and relationship with humans.
Respiratory System (Info | Start here)
Although vulnerable to various infections and other disorders, the respiratory system by and large continues to function in order to sustain us.
Retrain Your Brain, Reshape Your Body: The Breakthrough, Brain-changing Weight-loss Plan (Info | Start Now)
Based on groundbreaking scientific research, RetrainYour Brain, Reshape Your Body outlines the only weightmanagement program that focuses on brain retrainingas the first essential tools for weight loss. It showsyou how to zero in your triggers, reverse yourdestructive eating habits, and rewire your brain tolose weight and to improve your health in just two weeks.
Rhode Island: The Ocean State (Info | Start here)
Examines various aspects of the state of Rhode Island, from the cultures and peoples that make up the population, to exports, arts, and natural wildlife.
RIDES Magazine (Info | Start here)
RIDES is the #1 urban automotive enthusiast magazine that bridges the worlds between enthusiast and consumer magazines and captures the automotive lifestyle that appeals to both Jay-Z and Donald Trump.
Rivers and Streams (Info | Start here)
Profiles many of the world's most well-known rivers and how they provide sustenance for those populations that depend of the travel, food, and fresh water these bodies of water provide.