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Apps for Children: Busy Shapes

Young children gain spatial awareness and problem solving skills with this super smart app from Seven Academy. Inspired by Jean Piaget's cognitive development theory, Busy Shapes allows children to freely explore shapes, textures, and relationships between objects. The concept is simple: kids drag objects across the screen and drop them into the appropriate holes. Once the object has been dropped, a new scene with a new object appears, with each scene growing steadily more challenging as players progress through the app.

The designers at Seven Academy have created a clean and attractive app with a wonderful array of textures, colors, and sounds. A metal bolt dragged across a metallic surface makes the perfect tinny scraping sound, and a sponge dragged through a sticky puddle moves with true-to-life resistance. The smart functions prevent toddlers from accidentally swiping out of the app and register play patterns to create new challenges based upon the way your child is exploring. With no time limits, no pressure to earn points, easy navigation, and 38 levels, Busy Shapes will engage two- and three-year-olds in building motor and problem solving skills.

Busy Shapes is available for $1.99 for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.


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