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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

This is a work of nonfiction, Henrietta Lacks was a real person, and her cells live on today, and have led to many scientific discoveries. This book focuses on what it did to her family, and how Henrietta, gifted, or perhaps cursed with immortal cells was tested time and time again, and how she was never once mentioned as the person who unwillingly gave cells, the cells were referenced as HeLa. Working for ten years to research and develop this book, Rebecca Skloot gave us a masterpiece to read here. I was studying genetics when I read this book, and it not only gave me a sense of who Henrietta is, but what the cells were used for, and I was able to study and understand the science of genetics so much more! A great work, but not for those who have trouble with science or do not like nonfiction