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Many Readers, One Light

As the tablet tidal wave continues its deluge over the reading landscape, I am grateful for the existence of ereaders. Books are my first love, but e-ink has been easy on the eyes too, and dedicated ereading devices have done well to avoid the many distractions of email, internet, games, apps, etc.

If there is one feature fans of e-ink have wished for, it has been a backlight for reading in the dark. If my wristwatch can glow in the dark, why not my ereader? Barnes & Noble shone a response on this reader’s dilemma with the Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light. It is, for all intents and purposes, a Nook Simple Touch with a light installed within the top of its frame.

The light is adjustable and works great for different scenarios. In complete darkness, the dimmer settings are perfect for a legible reading surface that will not wake anyone nearby. In a dark room or vehicle, the middle intensity can help readers fighting dusk or dark skies. The brightest setting was too bright for my eyes but could function as a low-level flashlight, perfect for finding a dropped library card, I suppose. The glow light can be turned off and on at any time.

Otherwise, the Nook Simple Touch’s features apply to the Glow Light model. The Nook is light, fits well in the hand, and allows page turns via touch screen or a soft press of the buttons within its frame. Books can be checked out from the library’s ebook collection using a library account and Adobe Digital Editions on your personal computer. Anyone looking for an e-ink reading device should consider the Nook Simple Touch.