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Vista Book Group: The Art of Fielding

As baseball is often used as a metaphor for life, this book explores the nature of success, failure, love, lust and jealousy through the ramifications of a missed throw. Harbach uses four changing voices and a light touch that kept us all turning pages.

Over Crunch 'N Munch (surprisingly good stuff) and coffee, the group reflected on what we had thought we were going to 'accomplish' in life when we were about to head off to college, and whether or not those dreams have been achieved or lost along the way. Like Harbach's characters, we too have faced mislaid dreams--but we've discovered that reinvention often can help us find new ones.

If you've read the Art of Fielding, feel free to comment below. And if you've enjoyed this book, below are some related titles that you may want to try. Next up for Vista Book Group: Little Bee by Chris Cleve

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