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Revolutionary War

Ron S. -

Today in History with a twist: September 3, 2013

War in Europe!      Europe is at war for the second time this century.  Today (1939) France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia declared war on Germany in response for Germany's... More 
Ron S. -

Today in History with a Twist: August 7, 2013

Insurrection!        President Washington has invoked the Militia Acts of 1792 to suppress an uprising in western Pennsylvania over taxes being levied on whiskey (1794).  In what is... More 
Sarah G. -
Plantation owner, Revolutionary War patriot, wealthy heiress, and mother-in-law of Major-General Thomas Pinckney -- Rebecca Brewton Motte is one fascinating woman. Celebrate Women's History Month and join Richland Library Literary Resident Chris Weatherhead -- star of film, stage, and TV -- as she takes you on a... More 


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