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Richland Library

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RCPL Literary Residency

Based on the artist-in-residence concept, RCPL’s Literary Residency includes actors, scholars and musicians who develop creative presentations, lectures and workshops for the library. These... More 
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Setting the Standard

Library History RCPL’s exceptional achievements and its contributions to the community have been enhanced by its outstanding, up-to-date materials in all formats; state-of-the-art... More 
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1969-1989 RCPL History

Anna Davis King (Mrs. George S., Sr.) became the Director in May of 1969, having served as acting Director since Mrs. Bostick’s death. During her 10-year tenure, Mrs. King strengthened and further... More 
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1933-1968 RCPL History

In 1933, the county assumed fiscal responsibility for the library and assessed tax millage. The 1934 South Carolina General Assembly established the library as a county institution supported by... More 
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1926-1934 RCPL History

1926 brought not only the move to Kramer’s, but also an amazing windfall through a series of unusual events. The county had contracted to build a new Broad River Bridge. During the new bridge’s... More 
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1865-1924 RCPL History

The rebuilding of Columbia after 1865 went slowly. As late as the 1870s, most of Richardson Street still stood in ruins and the bridge across the Congaree River had not been replaced. Proposals to... More 
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Library History: Dream to Reality

More than two million visits by users to the library in one year show the appeal of the library’s services to the greater metropolitan Columbia area. For not only are the physical facilities new... More 


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