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Examines the various species of meat eaters, investigating the physical characteristics and traits that help these unique animals be successful predators. More 
Provides a detailed account of manned spaceflight, from the first launch of unmanned spacecraft to the establishment of the International Space Station. More 
Illustrations and photos assist in a detailed exploration of mammals, including the skeletal structure, adaptive features, habitats, and relationship with humans. More 
Articles explore everything from Albert Einstein, seismic energy, and acid rain, to lasers and building design. The Encyclopedia supports the curriculum in earth science, chemistry and life sciences, social studies, political... More 
Examines the various landforms--from mountains to caves to glaciers--that can be found across the globe. More 
Examines the prehistoric organisms, from bacteria to dinosaurs, that populated the planet long before humans arrived. More 
Examines the classification systems that have been developed to comprehend the different types of climatic activity and the incredible range of effects it can have on the planet. More 
Details the motion of the planet and the nature and study of both earthquakes and volcanoes. More 
Examines how fossils, minerals and rocks are an integral part of Earth's history and how they continue to be of importance to our world today More 
Examines how weather affects how we interact with out surroundings as well as provides an informative exploration into different weather conditions and forecasting. More 


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