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Covers the life forms and environmental conditions found in the Antarctic and Arctic territories, where extreme cold temperatures make it difficult, but not impossible to survive. More 
Describes the features and properties of the bodies of water that make up 70 percent of the world's surface. Examines the various branches of oceanography dedicated to studying all aspects of the ocean and its life forms. More 
Covers the various biomes found spread across the globe, from rainforests to desserts, along with the animals and vegetation that live within them. More 
Uses illustrations and detailed photographs to examine the diverse category of creatures known as invertebrates, and how they have evolved from being the first form of life on earth. More 
This book examines the many causes and effects of bacterial, viral, and other forms of disease, as well as the various steps taken over time to mitigate the damaging consequences of infection. More 
Uses illustrations and photographs to detail the cellular level, childbirth and fetal development, micro organisms, and common diseases of the human body. More 
Uses illustrations and photographs to detail the organs, functions, and systems of the human body. More 
This new supplement explores all aspects of extinctions and extinct life, featuring approximately 80 articles outlining major extinctions and related scientific areas. Entries are written by nationally renowned subject experts... More 
Covers evolution in detail and explores it from a scientific viewpoint. Includes comprehensive coverage of recent ideas and discoveries in the field of evolution. More 
Examines grazers all over the Earth, how they provide vital nourishment for carnivores, and how they are valuable to humans for meat, skins, and various domestic uses. More 


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