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Surveys the many subjects that comprise the field of biology and includes an overview of the development of biology, microbiology, and cell theory. More 
Examines the properties and uses of bacteria, algae, and protozoa microorganisms detailed in our daily lives. More 
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Today in History with a Twist: August 26,

Number of Voters Doubles!      It is now official (1920);  The 19th amendment to United States Constitution, giving women the right to vote, takes effect today.  This effectively doubles... More 
ThomasM -

Way More Than Five Great Comics Biographies

Fiction is a great escape, but reality has the greatest cast of characters. What do you look for in a biography? Do you want a slice of world history focused through one person’s life? A... More 
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Math & Science, Mangafied

Comics are an attractive means of instruction. For example, Will Eisner created comics for the US Army during World War II and the Korean War. His illustrations demonstrated maintenance techniques... More 
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Today in History with a Twist: August 1, 2013

Shield in Place!      You can sleep a little bit sounder from now on (1957) knowing that NORAD is on guard.  The United States and Canada have formed the North American Air Defense Command... More 
Part of the Salem Science collection. Heavily illustrated and detailed, and completely up-to-date, The Solar System provides essential coverage on all major aspects of Earth's solar... More 
Part of the Salem Science collection. The topic of global warming has become a major issue over the past few years. More and more, people are learning about environmental sciences and the possible... More 


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