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Death Al Dente

Peter King.

By Peter (Christopher Peter) King, 1922-

The Gourmet Detective did not expect his job to be easy. He had been sent by Desmond Lansdown, respected actor and London's premier restaurateur, to find the best chef in Italy. But even the most difficult tasks can be savored when one enjoys his work, and the sleuth happily immerses himself in his duties, sampling the peninsula's finest cuisine with his beautiful and mysterious guide, Francesca.

But between courses of boccocini--vol au vents filled with chicken giblets and truffles--and strangolopreti--a gnocchi and spinach dish whose name means "priest stranglers"--the determined gourmet begins to suspect that someone is trying to kill him. And when an agricultural magnate with whom he has enjoyed several meals turns up facedown in a swimming pool, the Gourmet Detective must dodge stampeding buffalo, a kamikaze airplane, and a killer monk, while at the same time choosing the perfect chef and solving the perfect murder.

In a country where chefs enjoy a celebrity status second only to their food, would one kill to be the best? In Death al Dente, the fourth installment in the Gourmet Detective series, the discerning sleuth finds himself embroiled in a sizzling mixture of food and passion. Can he discover the murderer's motive before his own goose is cooked?



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Death al dente

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Format: Book
Author: King, Peter (Christopher Peter), 1922-
Title: Death al dente / Peter King.
Publisher Date: New York : St. Martin's Press, 1999.
Subject: Gourmets -- Fiction. Cooks -- Italy -- Fiction. Italy -- Fiction
Isbn: 0312198914
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Format: Book
Author: King, Peter (Christopher Peter), 1922-
Title: Death al dente / Peter King.
Publisher, Date: New York : St. Martin's Press, 1999.
Description: 249 p. ; 22 cm.
Subjects: Gourmets -- Fiction.
Subjects: Cooks -- Italy -- Fiction.
Subjects: Italy -- Fiction
LCCN: 98044611
ISBN: 0312198914
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Call Number: M King