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The Complete Illustrated Stories, Plays & Poems of Oscar Wilde.

By Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900

He was brilliant, flamboyant, and unconventional, one of the great figures of his--or any other--age. Although Oscar Wilde's reputation now rests primarily on his sparkling, sophisticated plays with their razor-sharp wit, his body of work goes far beyond even those. Here, in one volume, is the sum of his artistic genius: all his stories, plays, fairy tales, and poems, complete with period illustrations. To find evidence of Wilde's theatrical savvy, one need look no further than The Importance of Being Earnest and An Ideal Husband, both of which satirize and humorously highlight the hypocrisy of Victorian life. The Picture of Dorian Gray captures a profound knowledge of the depths to which the human soul can plunge, and in the years since it was written, its final moments have lost none of their power. In his fairy stories, including The Happy Prince and Other Tales, written for his own children, Wilde reveals heights of tenderness and beauty. There are classics like the Canterville Ghost and more-more than 850 pages worth! 864 pages (50 in color), 5 3/4 x 8 1/4.




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  • 823.008 Wil, Nonfiction
  • 823.008 Wil, Nonfiction

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Format: Book
Author: Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900
Title: The complete illustrated stories, plays & poems of Oscar Wilde.
Publisher Date: London : Chancellor, [2000, c1991]
Subject: English literature -- 19th century -- Collection. English poetry -- 19th century -- Collection.
Isbn: 185152102X
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Call Number: 823.008 Wil
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Format: Book
Author: Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900
Title: The complete illustrated stories, plays & poems of Oscar Wilde.
Publisher, Date: London : Chancellor, [2000, c1991]
Description: 855 p : ill. ; 22 cm.
Subjects: English literature -- 19th century -- Collection.
Subjects: English poetry -- 19th century -- Collection.
Contents: The picture of Dorian Gray -- The happy prince and other tales -- Lord Arthur Savile's crime and other stories -- A house of pomegranates -- Lady Windermere's fan -- A woman of no importance -- An ideal husband -- The importance of being earnest -- Salome -- Vera, or the Nihilists -- The Duchess of Padua -- A Florentine Tragedy -- La Sainte Courtisane -- The sphinx without a secret -- The model millionaire -- The young king -- The birthday of the infanta -- The fisherman and his soul -- The star-child -- The happy prince -- The nightingale and the rose -- The selfish giant -- The devoted friend -- The remarkable rocket -- The importance of being Ernest -- Helas -- Sonnet to liberty --
Contents: Ave Imperatrix -- To Milton -- Louis Napoleon -- Sonnet on the Massacre of the Christians in Bulgaria -- Quantum Mutata -- Libertatis Sacra Fames -- Theoretikos -- The garden of Eros.
Contents: Requiescat -- Sonnet on approaching Italy -- San Miniato -- Ave Maria Gratia Plena -- Italia -- Sonnet written in Holy Week in Genoa -- Rome unvisited -- Urbs Sacra Aeterna -- Sonnet on hearing the Dies Irae sung in the Sistine Chapel -- Easter Day -- E Tenebris -- Vita Nuova -- Madonna Mia -- The new Helen -- The burden of Itys -- Impression du Matin -- Magdalen walks -- Athanasia -- Serenade -- Endymion -- La Bella Donna Della Mis Mente -- Chanson -- Charmides -- Impressions -- The grave of Keats -- Theocritus -- In the gold room -- Ballade de Marguerite -- The dole of the king's daughter -- Amor Intellectualis -- Santa Decca -- A vision -- Impression de Voyage -- The grave of Shelley -- By the Arno -- Fabien dei Franchi -- Phedre -- Portia -- Queen Henrietta Maria -- Camma -- Panthea -- Impression: La Reveillon -- At Verona -- Apologia -- Quia Multum Amavi -- Silentium Amoris -- Her voice -- My voice -- Taedium Vitae -- The harlot's house -- Humanitad -- From spring days to winter -- Fantaisies decoratives -- Canzonet -- Symphony in yellow -- In the forest -- To my wife -- To L.L. -- Desespoir -- Pan -- Ravenna -- The sphinx -- The ballad of reading gaol -- The artist -- The doer of good -- The disciple -- The master -- The house of judgment -- The teacher of wisdom -- Four letters from reading prison -- Phrases and philosophies for the use of the young.
ISBN: 185152102X
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Call Number: 823.008 Wil