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You're Fifty--now What?

Investing For The Second Half Of Your Life

By Charles Schwab

Think of sports: a football game, a round of golf, a tennis match. Or think of a play, or an opera. Now think of the halfway mark in that event -- the halftime, the intermission -- when everyone takes a breather and wonders the same thing: What's going to happen in the second half?

We have a similar point in our lives, often around our fiftieth birthday, when we begin to wonder about our second half. If you're at or approaching that age, you probably think about how much money you're going to need so you can have the kind of life you want. Charles Schwab, bestselling author of Charles Schwab's Guide to Financial Independence, offers you advice and support for getting there.

For more than twenty-five years, Charles Schwab has been passionate about demystifying investing. In a user-friendly style, You're Fifty --Now What? offers a mix of clear and workable advice about how to accumulate and grow your money. Through simple worksheets, understandable language, and a healthy dose of encouragement, you learn how to take control of your financial life. You'll find answers to your questions, including help with estate planning and charitable giving.

His message emphasizes that the goal is not just financial security, but also the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're prepared. He takes you step-by-step through a process that will enable you to see where you are financially today and where you want to get so that the second half of your life can be as fulfilling as you hope.

One hundred percent of the author's profits from this book will be donated to a charity that benefits seniors through The Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation.

Dear Reader,
We have a point in our lives when we find ourselves wondering about the second half. The age differs from person to person. For some it comes in their late forties, for others it's in their early fifties. When we reach that age, we feel different. We may sense a change coming and we want to pause and to think about what we've accomplished and what we still hope to do.
So what does this have to do with investing?

A lot. A sound investing strategy is what gives you the means and the courage to do what you want. The issues may seem daunting. But it can be done. It has to be done, because while getting older isn't a bad thing, being unprepared for it is. And by not understanding the financial part of your future, you sabotage yourself and you limit your choices.

Start today, maybe even right now. Take control of the second half of your life. Dream about it, wonder about it, think boldly about what you want. And take the first step, which is usually the hardest. Once you get started, the satisfaction you feel will keep you going. But don't delay in your preparations. The best is yet to come.

Charles R. Schwab
from the prologue




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Format: Book
Author: Schwab, Charles
Title: You're fifty--now what? : investing for the second half of your life / by Charles Schwab.
Publisher Date: New York : Crown Business, c2001.
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Format: Book
Author: Schwab, Charles
Title: You're fifty--now what? : investing for the second half of your life / by Charles Schwab.
Edition: 1st ed.
Publisher, Date: New York : Crown Business, c2001.
Subjects: Finance, Personal
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