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Miracles, Shockers, and Long Shots

The Greatest Sports Upsets Of All Time

By Barry Wilner

From fond memory or through the film Miracle, most Americans know about the stunning upset of the Soviet Union by the underdog U.S.A hockey team at the 1980 Olympics—engagingly retold in this book—but after this most unlikely of achievements, what do the authors consider to be the top twenty sports upsets of all time? Their answers in this entertaining volume will surprise some, perhaps appear obvious to others, but will no doubt prove to be fodder for bar-room arguments and spirited debate over sports talk radio.
Ranking the miracle at Lake Placid in 1980 as the hands-down, undisputed greatest sports upset ever, the authors go on to describe nineteen others whose ranking may prove to be more controversial. Which team was the most improbable World Series winner—the 1969 New York Mets or the 1914 Boston Braves? What was the sport of boxing’s greatest upset—Buster Douglas over Mike Tyson in Tokyo in 1990, or Cassius Clay (Mohammad Ali) over Sonny Liston in 1964? How surprising was Billy Mills’ 1964 Olympic marathon win? Or seventeen-year-old Michael Chang’s triumph at the French Open in 1989? The authors make their case for each of these “miracles, shockers, and upsets” in convincing style, and also include sidebars on upsets that didn’t “make the cut” but still qualify as compelling stories, such as “Cinderella Man” James Braddock and the 1950 World Cup shocker that was the subject of the film “The Greatest Game Ever Played.”




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Format: Book
Author: Wilner, Barry
Title: Miracles, shockers, and long shots : the greatest sports upsets of all time / Barry Wilner and Ken Rappoport.
Publisher Date: Lanham : Taylor Trade Pub., 2006.
Subject: Sports upsets Sports -- History
Isbn: 1589793110 (pbk. : alk. paper)
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Format: Book
Author: Wilner, Barry
Title: Miracles, shockers, and long shots : the greatest sports upsets of all time / Barry Wilner and Ken Rappoport.
Publisher, Date: Lanham : Taylor Trade Pub., 2006.
Description: viii, 231 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Subjects: Sports upsets
Subjects: Sports -- History
Other Author: Rappoport, Ken
Contents: Miracle on ice -- Sidebar: 1950 World Cup shocker -- The guarantee -- The miracle Braves -- Busted in Tokyo -- Sidebar: Cinderella man -- Ambushing the Cadets -- The amazins -- Rulon rules -- Upset by upset -- Shaking down the thunder -- Downing Dixie -- Billy Mills, the Lakota legend -- Ruining the bruins -- Don't ever give up -- Sidebar: Virginia's Hawaiian horror show -- The near-perfect upset -- Sidebar: Duke does in Rebels -- Orville's open -- Sidebar : fleck's open surprise -- Waltrip's great American upset : triumph and tragedy at Daytona -- Chang takes Paris by storm -- The greatest subdues the bear -- Faster than a speeding bullet -- New England's Super Bowl stunner.
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ISBN: 1589793110 (pbk. : alk. paper)
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