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The Mysteries, The Problems, And The Solutions

By Carlos Schenck

The average adult will spend more than 200,000 hours sleeping in a lifetime, the equivalent of more than 8,000 days. Yet research has only just begun to decode the mysteries behind what really happens when we sleep. Now Dr. Carlos Schenck, one of the most prominent sleep doctors and researchers in the country, takes us on an extraordinary journey into the mechanisms of sleep and what can go wrong.

Dr. Schenck explains and then offers solutions for the most common sleep disorders-insomnia, restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, and more. But what sets this book apart is the fascinating new insights Schenck offers from the cutting-edge science that he and other researchers have pioneered in identifying, understanding, and explaining the realm of "parasomnias"- mysterious, more extreme sleep disorders such as sleep terrors, sleepwalking, dream-enactment, sleep violence, sleep-related eating disorder, sexsomnia, sleep paralysis, which affect at least 10 percent of Americans. Sleep offers fascinating-and often shocking-real-life stories drawn from Carlos Schenck's more than twenty years of clinical practice and research to illustrate the sometimes terrifying, debilitating, and even life-threatening experiences that those with parasomnias can suffer from, along with their loved ones. Backed by the latest medical research, Sleep is a groundbreaking book about what continues to be one of most mysterious and compelling medical puzzles.




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Format: Book
Author: Schenck, Carlos
Title: Sleep : the mysteries, the problems, and the solutions / Carlos H. Schenck.
Publisher Date: New York : Avery, c2007.
Subject: Sleep disorders
Isbn: 9781583332702 1583332707
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Format: Book
Author: Schenck, Carlos
Title: Sleep : the mysteries, the problems, and the solutions / Carlos H. Schenck.
Publisher, Date: New York : Avery, c2007.
Description: xix, 294 p. ; 24 cm.
Subjects: Sleep disorders
Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. [273]-[285]) and index.
Contents: Introduction: when good sleep goes bad -- Chapter 1: a tour of sleep -- Chapter 2: insomnia: bleary-eyed nights -- Chapter 3: obstructive sleep apnea: suffocating repeatedly in your sleep -- Chapter 4: restless legs syndrome: the agony of jittery dowsiness -- Chapter 5: hypersomnias: excessive sleepiness, daytime dysfunction -- Chapter 6: circadian-rhythm disorders: timing is everything -- Chapter 7: confusional arousals and the crush of severe morning sleep inertia -- Chapter 8: sleepwalking: the twilight state -- Chapter 9: abnormal sleepsex: unknowing cruel intimacy -- Chapter 10: sleep terrors: the night the ghost got scared -- Chapter 11: sleep paralysis: dreaded visits from the old hag -- Chapter 12: sleep-related binge eating: relentless loss of control -- Chapter 13: REM sleep behavior disorder: bizarre and violent dream enactment -- Chapter 14: nocturnal dissociative disorders: the lost children as adults -- Chapter 15: sleep-talking: disruptive chatter, obscene shouting, and desdemona scenarios -- Chapter 16: parasomnia shadows of obstructive sleep apnea -- Chapter 17: parasomnia potpourri: nocturnal groaning, exploding head syndrome, sleep-laughing-- and pets with parasomnias -- Chapter 18: bed partnerʼs insomnia: sleeping with a snorer, leg-jerker, loud sleep-talker, or parasomniac -- Glossary -- Endnotes -- General references on sleep disorders and parasomnias.
LCCN: 2006037020
ISBN: 9781583332702
ISBN: 1583332707
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