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Buda's Wagon

A Brief History Of The Car Bomb

By Mike Davis

On a September day in 1920, an angry Italian anarchist named Mario Budaexploded a horse-drawn wagon filled with dynamite and iron scrap nearNew York’s Wall Street, killing 40 people. Since Buda’s prototype thecar bomb has evolved into a “poor man’s air force,” a generic weapon ofmass destruction that now craters cities from Bombay to Oklahoma City.

In this brilliant and disturbing history, Mike Davis traces itsworldwide use and development, in the process exposing the role ofstate intelligence agencies—particularly those of the United States,Israel, India, and Pakistan—in globalizing urban terrorist techniques.Davis argues that it is the incessant impact of car bombs, rather thanthe more apocalyptic threats of nuclear or bio-terrorism, that ischanging cities and urban lifestyles, as privileged centers of powerincreasingly surround themselves with “rings of steel” against a weaponthat nevertheless seems impossible to defeat.




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Format: Book
Author: Davis, Mike
Title: Buda's wagon : a brief history of the car bomb / by Mike Davis.
Publisher Date: London : Verso, 2007.
Subject: Vehicle bombs -- History. Vehicle bombs -- Social aspects. Terrorism -- History Terrorism -- Social aspects Sociology, Urban
Isbn: 9781844671328 (hbk.) 1844671321 (hbk.)
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Format: Book
Author: Davis, Mike
Title: Buda's wagon : a brief history of the car bomb / by Mike Davis.
Publisher, Date: London : Verso, 2007.
Description: x, 228 p. ; 22 cm.
Subjects: Vehicle bombs -- History.
Subjects: Vehicle bombs -- Social aspects.
Subjects: Terrorism -- History
Subjects: Terrorism -- Social aspects
Subjects: Sociology, Urban
Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. [196]-220) and index.
Contents: Wall Street 1920 -- Poor man's air force -- Preliminary detonations -- Oranges for Jaffa -- Our man in Saigon -- Festivals de plastique -- Demon seeds -- Welcome to Bombsville -- "The black stuff" -- Laughing at the dead -- Hell's kitchen -- the Beirut Hilton -- Car-bomb university -- The suicide tigers -- Soft targets -- Los coches bomba -- Cities under siege -- Form follows fear -- Killing Bush, bombing Oklahoma -- Planet Jihad -- The King of Iraq -- The gates of hell.
LCCN: 2007274127
ISBN: 9781844671328 (hbk.)
ISBN: 1844671321 (hbk.)
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