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Debating The Issues In American Politics

This issues-debate reader encourages critical thinking by adopting a point-counterpoint approach.

In each chapter, two or more readings present opposing perspectives on contemporary political issues, such as immigration and what it means to be an American, domestic surveillance, medical marijuana, assisted suicide, and the growing gap between America’s rich and poor. Over 60% of the readings are new to this edition, and all the readings address issues of major importance in American politics today. Each set of readings is preceded by an introduction that puts the essays into a broader political context and is followed by discussion questions that help prompt debate.



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Format: Book
Title: Faultlines : debating the issues in American politics / David T. Canon, John J. Coleman, and Kenneth R. Mayer.
Publisher Date: New York : W. W. Norton & Co., 2007.
Subject: United States -- Politics and government
Isbn: 9780393930160 (pbk.) 0393930165 (pbk.)
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Format: Book
Title: Faultlines : debating the issues in American politics / David T. Canon, John J. Coleman, and Kenneth R. Mayer.
Edition: 2nd ed.
Publisher, Date: New York : W. W. Norton & Co., 2007.
Description: ix , 339 p. ; 23 cm.
Subjects: United States -- Politics and government
Other Author: Canon, David T.
Other Author: Coleman, John J., 1959-
Other Author: Mayer, Kenneth R., 1960-
Notes: Includes bibliographical references.
Contents: Political culture: what does it mean to be an American? -- One nation, out of many / Samuel P. Huntington -- Patriot games / Louis Menand -- Is amending the Constitution risky? -- What's wrong with Constitutional amendments? / Kathleen M. Sullivan -- Constitutional amendments and the constitutional common law / Adrian Vermeule -- Federalism: state power or national power? -- Putting federalism to sleep / Nelson Lund -- Supreme substances / John Tabin -- Jumping frogs, endangered toads, and California's medical-marijuana law / George J. Annas -- Civil liberties: the tradeoff between security and freedom -- Casualties of war / The Progressive -- How to "connect the dots" / Andrew C. McCarthy -- Civil rights: affirmative action in higher education -- Dissent in Barbara Grutter v. Lee Bollinger, et al. (2003) / Justice Clarence Thomas -- Brief of the Clinical Legal Education as amicus curiae supporting respondents, in Barbara Grutter v. Lee Bollinger, et al. (2003) / Timothy A. Nelsen, Frances P. Kao, Eric J. Gorman, and Amy M. Gardner -- Public opinion: is a polarized America myth or reality? -- What culture wars? debunking the myth of a polarized America / Morris P. Fiorina -- How divided are we? and Morris P. Fiorrina's Letter in response to Wilson / James Q. Wilson -- Blogs and the mainstream media -- The ascent of blogging / David D. Perlmutter and Misti McDaniel -- Democracy and filtering / Cass R. Sunstein -- Blogs challenge newspaper standards / Ted Vaden -- Ballot initiatives: voice of the people or the powerful? -- Dangerous initiatives: a snake in the grass roots / David S. Broder -- Revitalizing democracy / Lino A. Graglia -- Taking (back) the initiative / David Sarasohn -- Is it time for a new third party? -- Third time / Peggy Noonan -- But is a third party possible? / Ryan Lizza -- Farewell address / Representative Tom Delay -- Don't worry, be happy / David Brooks -- The electoral college: reform it or leave it alone? -- Not the people's choice / Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. -- No need to repeal the electoral college / Norman Ornstein -- Reform the electoral college, don't toss it / James Glassman -- Interest groups: a force for change or the status quo? -- The group basis of politics: notes for a theory / Earl Latham -- The hyperpluralism trap / Jonathan Rauch -- Representation in congress: the politics of pork -- Rolling out the pork barrel / Sean Paige -- Roll out the barrel: the case against the case against pork / Jonathan Cohn -- Earmarked men / Representative Jeff Flake -- Earnest earmarks / Senator Larry Craig and Represenative Mike Simpson -- An imperial presidency? -- The imperial presidency redux / Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. -- Congress goes AWOL / John Isaacs -- FISA vs. the Constitution / Robert F. Turner -- Evaluating bureaucratic performance: can government be run like a business? -- What government agencies do and why they do it / James Q. Wilson -- Bigger and better / Jacob Hacker -- Judicial confirmation hearings: what role for the senate? -- The art of testifying / Janes Malcolm -- R-E-S-P-E-C-T / Senator John Cornyn -- Questioning justice: law and politics in judicial confirmation hearings / Robert Post and Reva Siegel -- Economic policy: should government reduce income inequality -- Income inequality, and its cost / Anna Bernasek -- Still movin' on up / Donald Luskin -- Inequality and the American dream / The Economist -- Social policy: who wins and who loses if social security is privatized? -- Stock market declines' effect on the social security reform debate / Andrew G. Biggs -- Can small investors survive social security privatization? / Brooke Harrington -- Foreign policy: can nation building succeed? -- Nation building / Marina Ottaway -- Are failed states a threat to America? / Justin Logan and Christopher Preble.
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ISBN: 9780393930160 (pbk.)
ISBN: 0393930165 (pbk.)
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