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A Memoir

By Koren Zailckas

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The author of the iconic New York Times bestseller Smashed undertakes a quest to confront her own anger.

In the years following the publication of her landmark memoir, Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood, Koren Zailckas stays sober and relegates binge drinking to her past. But a psychological legacy of repression lingers-her sobriety is a loose surface layer atop a hard- packed, unacknowledged rage that wreaks havoc on Koren emotionally and professionally. When a failed relationship leads Koren back to her childhood home, she sinks into emotional crisis-writer's block, depression, anxiety. Only when she begins to apply her research on a book about anger to the turmoil of her own life does she learn what denial has cost her. The result is a blisteringly honest chronicle of the consequences of anger displaced and the balm of anger discovered. Readers who recognized themselves or someone they love in the pages of Smashed will identify with Koren's life-altering exploration and the necessity of exposing anger's origins in order to flourish in love and life as an adult. Combining sophisticated sociological research with a dramatic and deeply personal story that grapples boldly with identity and family, Fury is a dazzling work by a young writer at the height of her powers that is certain to touch a cultural nerve.

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Format: Book
Author: Zailckas, Koren
Title: Fury : a memoir / Koren Zailckas.
Publisher Date: New York : Viking, 2010.
Subject: Zailckas, Koren -- Family. Zailckas, Koren -- Relations with men. Zailckas, Koren Separation (Psychology) -- Case studies. Anger -- Case studies. Young women -- United States -- Biography. Buddhism -- Miscellanea
Isbn: 9780670022304
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Format: Book
Author: Zailckas, Koren
Title: Fury : a memoir / Koren Zailckas.
Publisher, Date: New York : Viking, 2010.
Description: 319 p. ; 22 cm.
Subjects: Zailckas, Koren -- Family.
Subjects: Zailckas, Koren -- Relations with men.
Subjects: Zailckas, Koren
Subjects: Separation (Psychology) -- Case studies.
Subjects: Anger -- Case studies.
Subjects: Young women -- United States -- Biography.
Subjects: Buddhism -- Miscellanea
Other Author: Zailckas, Koren. Smashed.
Notes: Continues: Smashed. New York : Viking, 2005.
Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. 311-318).
Contents: Prologue: Giving up the ghost -- Incitement -- Anger ignored -- Anger turned inward -- Anger intellectualized -- Anger displaced -- Conniption -- Aftermath.
LCCN: 2010005319
ISBN: 9780670022304
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