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The Skeptic's Guide to American History [compact Disc]

Mark A. Stoler.

By Mark A Stoler

For most Americans, the history of the United States is built on a set of long-accepted beliefs about events, each of which resonates in the nation's collective memory. But what if those beliefs-however familiar-don't really tell the whole story? Our knowledge of history-or what we believe to be history-is the lens through which we view and interpret the world. And when that lens is distorted with misleading information, it has powerful effects on how we perceive the present and how we make decisions in the future, from choosing whom to vote for to interpreting the latest developments in today's news and opinion pieces. To take a skeptical approach to American history is not to dabble in imaginative conspiracy theories or doubt the essence of the American experiment; rather, it's to reframe your understanding of this great nation's past and actually strengthen your appreciation for what makes American history such a fascinating chapter in the larger story of Western civilization.


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Format: Audio Books
Author: Stoler, Mark A
Title: The skeptic's guide to American history [compact disc] / Mark A. Stoler.
Publisher Date: Chantilly, Va. : Teaching Co., c2012.
Subject: United States -- History United States -- Politics and government
Isbn: 9781598038569 1598038567
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Format: Audio Books
Author: Stoler, Mark A.
Title: The skeptic's guide to American history [compact disc] / Mark A. Stoler.
Publisher, Date: Chantilly, Va. : Teaching Co., c2012.
Description: 12 sound discs (720 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 course guidebook (vi, 180 p. : ill ; 19 cm.).
Series: Great courses
Series: Great courses (Compact disc)
Subjects: United States -- History
Subjects: United States -- Politics and government
Other Author: Teaching Company
Notes: Compact disc.
Notes: 24 lectures, 30-minutes each.
Notes: "Course No. 8588."
Notes: Lecturer: Professor Mark A. Stoler, the University of Vermont.
Contents: Disc 1: 1. Religious toleration in Colonial America? ; 2. Neither American nor Revolutionary? -- Disc 2: 3. The constitution did not create a democracy ; Washington: failures and real accomplishments -- Disc 3. 5. Confusions about Jefferson and Hamilton ; 6. Andrew Jackson: an odd symbol of democracy -- Disc 4: 7. The second great awakening: enduring impacts ; 8. Did slavery really cause the Civil War? -- Disc 5: 9. The Civil War's actual turning points ; 10. The myth of laissez-faire -- Disc 6: 11. Misconceptions about the original populists ; 12. Labor in America: a strange history -- Disc 7: 13. Myths about American isolation and empire ; 14. Early progressives were not liberals -- Disc 8: 15. Woodrow Wilson and the rating of presidents ; 16. The roaring Twenties reconsidered -- Disc 9: 17. Hoover and the Great Depression revisited ; 18. What did Roosevelt's New Deal really do? -- Disc 10: 19. World War II misconceptions and myths ; 20. Was the Cold War inevitable? -- Disc 11: 21. The real blunders of the Vietnam War ; 22. Myths about American Wars -- Disc 12: 23. Who matters in American history? ; 24. History did not begin with us.
ISBN: 9781598038569
ISBN: 1598038567
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