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The Happy Atheist

By PZ (Paul Zachary) Myers

“I’m an atheist swimming in a sea of superstition, surrounded by well-meaning, good people with whom I share a culture and similar concerns, and there’s only one thing I can do. I have to laugh.” —PZ Myers
On his popular science blog, Pharyngula, PZ Myers has entertained millions of readers with his infectious love of evolutionary science and his equally infectious disdain for creationism, biblical literalism, intelligent design theory, and other products of godly illogic. This funny and fearless book collects and expands on some of his most popular writings, giving the religious fanaticism of our times the gleeful disrespect it deserves by skewering the apocalyptic fantasies, magical thinking, hypocrisies, and pseudoscientific theories advanced by religious fundamentalists of all stripes.

With a healthy appreciation of the absurd, Myers not only pokes fun at the ridiculous tenets of popular religions but also highlights how the persistence of Stone Age superstitions can have dark consequences: interfering with our politics, slowing our scientific progress, and limiting freedom in our culture.

Forceful and articulate, scathing and funny, The Happy Atheist is a reaffirmation of the revelatory power of humor and the truth-revealing powers of science and reason.

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The happy atheist


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Format: Book
Author: Myers, PZ (Paul Zachary)
Title: The happy atheist / PZ Myers.
Publisher Date: New York : Pantheon Books, [2013]
Subject: Atheism Religion -- Controversial literature
Isbn: 9780307379344
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Format: Book
Author: Myers, PZ (Paul Zachary)
Title: The happy atheist / PZ Myers.
Edition: First edition.
Publisher, Date: New York : Pantheon Books, [2013]
Description: x, 190 pages ; 22 cm
Subjects: Atheism
Subjects: Religion -- Controversial literature
LCCN: 2013000202
ISBN: 9780307379344
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